VAWD - Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors

Thank you for your interest in pursuing VAWD accreditation.

Do complete this application if:
1. Your facility resides within the United States.
2. Your facility is engaged in the act of distributing prescription drugs and/or prescription devices.
3. Your facility is seeking a new accreditation at the applicant address.

Before initiating your facility’s application review the application instructions for detailed descriptions of the information and documents that are necessary to complete it.

Do not complete this application if:
Your facility has a previous application that was canceled by NABP within the most-recent 180 days for non-compliance with the VAWD criteria. Contact for special instructions.

Completing the application:
1. Facilities that currently have or previously had an accreditation with NABP must contact before initiating an application for a new accreditation.
2. Applications that are not submitted and paid within 60 days are considered inactive and will be permanently deleted. Once deleted, a new application must be initiated.
3. Canceled or withdrawn applications are subject to handling fees.
4. Once you enter and click to the next page some areas in the application will be grayed out and are not editable. Please contact if changes need to be made.

E-Mail Address: